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This from my little brother...
After reading the post I meant to make private, and having already been told that I put my arse up in a private(ish) post, he had this to say:
Poor Jimmy, making a private post public on LJ..... Just make sure you don't do that to the bubble butt picture post



Cute little bugger sometimes... :o)

I should never have told him that my flatmates have called me bubble-butt in the past, due to my having a firm bottom.... Grr... :o)

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Hehe, don't worry BB, I won't tell anyone the other reasons for being called BB.

Breakfast Boy

Brandy Boy

Oops, sorry... Me and my big mouth...

Kiss my bubble butt :oP

Re: Bubble Butt

No need, just make that certain post viewable and I can kiss the screen.....

Ick. Ick ick ick ick ick. Ick.

Hmph. How could 'BB' stand for ANYTHING, in your case, except 'beautiful buns'? ;-)

Aww, thanks :o)

:-) :-) :-)

You are most welcome, dear.

Bubble-butt brings up strange images in my mind of an empty house and a bottle of washing up liquid.

I think I'm still in the student mind set ;-)

Ahh, I'll never forget the fart lighting escapades of 1998. *sniffle*, brings a tear to the eye.

Is it possible to leave the student mind set? I hope not :o)

I dunno, but I'd rather not end up sleeping until 11.30 everyday, showing up for work 4hours late and unshaven (as per) reeking of Country Mist (do they still make that?).

But then again, maybe I'll get a job with other people my age and it won't matter? hehe

bubble-butt huh? cute. = )

Bah.... Don't want a bubble butt :o|

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