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On their way
My parents are coming to see me - hooray. They should be here soon, to take me out for lunch... I've not eaten in ages. I had a few rashers of bacon, and a bowl of cereal the day before yesterday, and a few slices of toast a day or two before that, but not much else... Occasionally I wonder if my depression is brought on by illness, in turn brought on by malnutrition. It's perfectly possible, after all...

Ugh, it's so funny - my journal must look so weird to outsiders. Nobody gets the full story, because half my posts are public, a quarter are restricted to only some people, and another quarter are private, and only for me. And while you have a coherent progression of thought through them, that's only if you can see them all. Otherwise, you miss out, and it just looks confusing :o)

Perhaps I should make all my posts public. But then again, there's things that have to be private. I sometimes wish my life wasn't so complex, that it was simple and easily broadcastable. That I could just tell everybody everything about my entire life, and that I'd not be judged, or condemned. It's such an arse that life isn't like that, really... :o(

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People who read my journal must think I'm insane! Not getting the full picture makes it seem like one second I'm pissed off and the next I'm the happiest person in the world...

This fact, James, has never actually stopped you before.

Sometimes things have to stay private. Even from you, Squiggy :o)

Knew that'd cheer you up :o)

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