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One more thing..
It has been suggested that, as far as mass appeal goes, quantum physics and economic theory don't titilate the crowds like they ought to.. I would love to claim that this in some way shocks me, but it's hardly escaped my attention either..

I suppose it's easier to write on a subject that is inherently boring and have this pointed out, rather than to write something personal and run the risk of the same outcome - when the rejection is pre-arranged it's a lot easier to deal with.

The other point, of course, is that were I to write about my actual life I'd have so much catching up to do that the entry would, by necessity, be prohibitively lengthy. Which the youth of today find synonymous with 'boring', unless it somehow involve elaborate plots involving wizards and magic. My life, thus far, does not include those things, so I'll try to keep it brief (the entry, not my life).

At 24, I had always imagined that I would be sorted out in all the important ways.. It's now two and a half years since I finished university, and the theory was that I should be on my chosen career path. Of course, at the time when I formed that expectation, I had no idea what sort of path that would be, but rather thought that I'd have worked it out. If I'm honest, I'm still not sure..

Professionally, everything seems to be going successfully. As a Marketing Analyst, I get to play with a lot of interesting data, which helps me to better understand the way in which people use financial products and services. Now while I wouldn't say that that was my life's goal, it certainly lays a strong foundation for further progression within the industry, if that's what I choose to do.

And the position within the company is relatively good as well. In terms of seniority, I'm on a par with a bank manager, which always rather impresses me. I get paid enough to live on (which is my only real requirement), and I have 35 days of paid holiday to take next year.. I'm thinking of taking about a week every two months, with one of those being extended to a two week holiday. Granted, working 45 weeks out of the year is still far more than the 30 while I was at university, but is still vastly preferable to the 49 weeks I worked this year.

Getting to work is still a bit of a hassle.. It currently amounts to three hours of travel per day, which when added to my work hours means I'm often out of the house for eleven and a half hour stretches. To compensate, I've developed an ability to force myself to fall asleep at will on the train to and from work, which gives me an extra hour and a half of rest every day. I've not yet woken up having missed my stop either, which is rather fortunate..

Which provides a reasonable segue to the topic of life in Cardiff.. I've been here about fifteen weeks now, and things are going well. That's not to say that I don't miss being in Brighton, because I really rather do.. Being able to walk along the beach to work in the summer really beats walking through Bristol in the rain in the winter. Of course, it's not a fair comparison at all, but still, there's a lot about Brighton that I'm sad to have left behind.

Which is why it's just as well that Cardiff is so good in so many other ways, really.. For starters, I'm far happier here as a person in general than I was in Brighton. This is certainly helped by the fact that Naomi and I have been living together for the past few months, which has been really good for me.. And if the last couple of nights are anything to go by, we're certainly not getting bored of each other yet ;o)

So overall, it's a good end to the year.. Right, now that I feel like I've sort of caught up to the present, I might be able to go forward and write about things a bit more.. we'll see..

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Just out of interest, have you learnt any welsh yet?

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