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Once more I polute your friends list...
I think I'm over the desire to sleep... I made it through the barrier that usually has me running for a nap, and I'm now operating on chemicals... It's a familiar feeling, albeit not one I've had recently..

I found my photos... Three rolls of shots around uni from my first year. Pictures from my trip to Manchester (the one with the laser quest - I found my scoresheet for that earlier, but threw it away...). Mel's 18th. Reading 2002. My relatives in New York. Passport photos. The Aye Aye tournament. A trip to London. The meal I had with the others in my flat from the first year of uni. A Mohawks party. Shots around Brighton. Four rolls of America in 2001. Extreme Sports Social. Lara bungee jumping.

And that's just the photos that aren't in my huge album... But I'll be keeping those...

Then there's a few dozen issues of New Scientist from 2002... I kept them because I always meant to read every single one, because my grandparents paid for it, and I wanted it to be worth the money. Well it was certainly worth it, even if I only read a few, because it kept my brain ticking over through uni so that when I actually needed it for Evolutionary Biology in my third year, I'd read some things in advance that were helpful. I don't need to carry on in denial pretending that I will someday read through the big pile of two year old magazines - they can go.

And, oddly, I have a vinyl of Placebo - This Picture. I bought it because the b-side is Where Is My Mind, but to be honest, I don't have any means to play it, nor any desire to try collecting this sort of crap.

If anybody wants Placebo - This Picture (Vinyl) then let me know and it's yours.

If multiple people want it, it'll go to the person I like best.

On that subject - over the next couple of weeks there's likely to be a big giveaway of a lot of my stuff. I'll charge next to nothing, probably just postage, on anything that I really don't need (and there's quite a few things)... Stay tuned, etc.

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