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The time is what now?!

Okay, so I went to have a nap at 7:15pm.

The time is now past 4am, and I've only just woken up.. By my reckoning, that's nine hours, which rather pushes it beyond the normal definition of a nap.

I woke up to see some messages from Eri on MSN, and was just about to call her when I actually saw the time on my phone, and then became confused - had I gone to bed at a normal time? If so, why could I not remember the evening? To be honest, even now I'm feeling rather disoriented...

So yes - sorry Eri :o)

But now I'm left with a decision to make.. Having already had more than enough sleep, should I get up? I could always go back to bed and catch up on more sleep, but I'm not sure that I need to.. and with the weekend coming up, that's probably a better time to do that. Which means that I'm now awake, with three hours to go until work. Part of me wants to go to the gym, but a much more persuasive part of me is saying "bollocks to that".

So I think I might go downstairs and eat.. and then get cracking with some work, so that I can go into the office with some of what I had planned for today already done...

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God, I hate confusing sleep.

..I always wake up like, "Oh no, where am I? When is this?"
I once jumped out of bed at 1am, through it was almost 7am, got dressed, and ran down the stairs when my mother stopped me.

I would have been at the bus stop for a longggg time.

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