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Aha, I've just had a happy thought..

In terms of domestic policy, I don't really have too big a problem with Bush winning. Yes, he will screw up any sort of universal healthcare. Yes, he will take jobs away from Americans and hand them over to third world nations. And yes, he will contribute in no small part to the continued dumbing down of middle America, to the point where everybody is so ignorant that they're unable to make rational decisions any more.

But I've taken a look at the map, and it turns out that the people who'll be most affected are those states that elected Bush based on his moral stance, and the fact that he's a deeply religious man.


So far from being annoyed at the result, I'm going to wait until more jobs are lost, more ignorant children drop out of a failing education system (and right onto the Internet), and disease stalks the land with no health insurance to stop it.

And on that day, given that the afflicted have a better than 50% chance of being Republican supporters, I shall remember to tell you that you brought it all on yourselves.

Sucks to be you.

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I'd be mad, but it's cool that they said it better than I did :o)

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