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Forbidden truth knowledge!!!!
This site is what happens when somebody simultaneously discovers that a) the earth is round and b) there exist different timezones, followed by some sort of stress-induced seizure

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Oh man, thats gold. For a while I thought all I was looking for was one killer line to sum it up, the ultimate quotation that would keep me sane through work today. However, I seem to have stumbled across a line that sums up my opinion of the world itself:

"Wise people call me a genius. Stupid and evil people call me crazy."

But fuck it, lets point and laugh at the crazy dude :p

"Every academic professor and teacher ignorant of the Time
Cube Principle, is stupid, evil and unworthy of life on Earth, for they lead humanity down a path ending with cannibalism."

I don't know about you, but I find the prospect of a cannibalism-filled world rather fun..

It's like timecube, but worse. Or the sequel or parody of timecube....

Hold me.

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