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This is awesome
I took this from a Busted fan-fic community...

“Get to your room,” shouted my mother, “and don’t expect to get any dinner tonight!” She didn’t understand, no one did. But I’d show them all. I ran to my room and prepared to cut myself. I hadn’t in so long, but my life was so bad that I couldn’t stop myself. Just as I was about to make contact with my wrist, I heard a voice behind me. It was Charlie. He placed his hand upon mine and whispered “It’s not worth it.” He was right, as always. I felt his breath on my neck and couldn’t resist him any longer. I undressed him with my only available hand. Without saying a word, we took off each other’s clothes until we both stood there naked. Our faces connected as we slowly moved towards the bed. When we reached it, he elegantly put the plastic cover over the mattress to avoid blood stained sheets. He assumed the position as I started up the chainsaw. Our eyes met and I could see his anticipation. I taped my beating manhood to my stomach to stop it from getting in the way and we began. I swiftly made first contact as I thrust the chainsaw into his rear end. He screamed with pleasure and all my worries disappeared…

I like that, it makes me laugh :o)

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I'm scared.. I hate busted music-wise, but y'know, they can come to my bedroom whenever they like hehe

crackhead busted fans
thats tooo brillant

It makes you laugh *a lot*, which in turn makes me fearful!

I suggest declining next time James suggests sex with the inclusion of 2-stroke pruning tools.

PS look up the word "squick" so you know to throw out that idea if mentioned.

PS look up the word "squick" so you know to throw out that idea if mentioned.

Yes, thank you, he explained that one earlier... then went on to talk about children - at which point I had to silence him.

James wants to squick children?!

But it's only "illegal in most countries" :\

Everything's legal in alabama

Well from watching the film version of To Kill a Mockingbird numerous times in GCSE English I can safely say that the annoying little cunts deserve everything they get for harbouring such irritating accents.

beggars the question why you were perusing a busted fanfic community...

Where else is he going to find the children to groom? :\

ah. see I was under the impression they just email him out of the blue. Obviously I was underselling his technique..

The problem with the ones that e-mail him requests for grooming is that they tend to be American, which is not only impractical, but also boring as they are all sluts anyway!

lol, there's nothing like being forward is there?

I suppose that's why he chose Busted, since they're fairly anonymous overseas..

That is just plain disturbing.

But well written, I thought... :o)

Maybe that's why I found it so disturbing.

I suppose it is, rather.. nice to see I've trained my little brother well :o)

Did you think I would be surprised? 'Cause I'm not. lol

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What's the big deal?

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