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Post monkey? Moi?
Tomorrow will be hectic.. I have tons of stuff going on at work. It's the last day of the month, which means that there's a shit-load of things that need sorting. I need to pull the stats from the database in order to analyse the February data in time for the meeting on Monday. Then I need to get the last hundred or so resets finished so that they're all done by the end of the week. Then I need to go through 170 accounts, and debit a third of a million pounds (the process of which actually makes my penis look bigger). I may not get lunch, and I may work 8am-6pm straight.

But then I get to come home for the weekend, which is gooood.. I get Eri from tomorrow (or today, technically) until a week on Sunday, with just a two day gap in the middle where she has to go back to uni for a project week. Then in a few weeks it's Easter, when she'll be living with me for (at least) four weeks. Then it'll be summer soon enough, and I get her for three months (at which point TMA owes me £50).

But yes, it's all going very well.. last weekend was somewhat weird, what with the almost-threesome thingie (if you don't know, it's because you're never going to - haha), but ultimately I think it's brought us closer together. This is certainly the longest I've gone actually being with somebody properly and not getting the desire to sleep with somebody else. I've spent three days a week with her for the last six months or so, haven't kissed any boys, haven't slept with any of her friends, and haven't yet screwed it all up. To further the over-use of a certain phrase; Best. Relationship. Ever.

I find that there's a lot I could say on this subject, but nothing that I care to articulate right now - in the last year or so I've managed to somehow alienate a large proportion of my readers, and if I were to write everything I feel right now, the pages and pages of mush would doubtless alienate the few I have left. Suffice it to say, I haven't been this happy before, and I don't want to quantify it by writing any specifics. I'm content with the general feeling :o)

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(Deleted comment)
But yes, it's all going very well.. last weekend was somewhat weird, what with the almost-threesome thingie

You're such a bloke! At least I put that in a *very* locked post :p

I love you :D

I wish he'd been so considerate...

Careful, or I'll put you in the group where I put the details

Yeah, but it gives me cred ;o)

I love you too :o)

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