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VISA, Money, Credit
So let's see, what have I been up to lately..

Lots of work - sorting out peoples' balance transfers, trying to work out why they need sorting in the first place, and doing manual interest calculations. Lately, every customer who wants a full breakdown of interest charges gets put through to me, and I send them a letter explaining why their interest is what it is, and how we calculated it. It's fun, I like working it all out :o)

My computer really does need replacing.. but then I need to ask how best to do that. I'd still keep the old computer, since it works just fine, but what would I use it for? I may use it for long-term backup type stuff, since it has 100gb capacity. Or, I might take the 80gb hard drive, and put it in my new PC... Then my old PC can be a 20gb backup box, which does very little indeed... I can have it sitting on the network as a kind of firewall/server type thing, run my FTP off it etc... We shall see...

As for life in general - I'm feeling good about it. I have a girlfriend who I am completely in love with, I have a nice stable job that I enjoy, enough money to get by, a holiday to New York to look forward to.. Eri is wonderful, and I can't wait to drag her away with me to America - should be a nice little adventure (though possibly not to the same extent as last time, when I was homeless).

But yeah. Life is good. Mostly due to her. More often than not, I fall asleep grinning :o)


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