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I wrote this when I was in Year 9...
Not long ago in the UK
You must have heard the stories
About a bunch of evil crooks
Better known as the Tories

They were in charge of this fair land
And were led by Major John
A man without a brain at all
No clue as to what went on

He had a pair of deputies
One was Portillo the swine
The other's name would you believe
Was Michael Hestletine

They hated each other intensely
This is the story of when
They got into a fight and so
They never agreed again

Portillo had a rabid dog
Nasty Norman, he was called
Hestletine's pet, a canary,
Called Howard was mean and bald

One day they went out for a walk,
Each with his horrible pet
Who attacked and killed the other,
A vile death both of them met

The pets were irreplaceable
The owners began to plot
How berst to kill the other one
They are a sleazy lot


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