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*many happy tears*

Yes, I'm pathetic. But awwwww!!!!


I must download that the moment it's online...

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the office? i cried like a baby!

Likewise... oh my, it was so good :o)

i know i know I KNOW! Ohh i feel all warm inside :D

I want a Tim!

I thought the episode last night was a bit cack. The Office for people who'd only heard about it. It was a parody of itself basically.

But tonight...

Wow. It rewarded true office fans. In jokes, Chris Finch being told to fuck off and the resolution of the only love story I ever cared about. Who'd have thought Ricky Gervais would be so good at pulling at the heart strings. The wide angle shot of Dawn's taxi leaving was so well done. Focusing on the lights hoping for it the break light to show was agonising.

Brilliant piece of telly.

I know, I'm not very interested in yesterday's one either... but tonight's was just amazing... "Chris - why don't you fuck off?" - perfect. And the tears say it all with regards to the Tim/Dawn thing... *sigh*

There were tears... and frustration before that, but then happy tears. *sighs* Why do these things never happen to me?

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