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So, Derren Brown... I feel a bit pissed off at the Guardian revealing to me that it was fake. I mean, no shit!

I really didn't need it explaining how it was done though - I mean, surely the fun is in trying to work it out for myself, and I feel somewhat patronised that they thought I required an explanation. Whatever happened to enjoying something based on the mystery?

The main reason I thought it was fake was just because it all seemed to be so real. I thought the bullet was in chamber 5, and lo, he makes it look like he thinks it is too, because the kid's voice wavered at that point. We're meant to think he made an understandable mistake, because if we believe that then we think it must be real. If he went click, click, click, click, then shot the real bullet away, we'd be far too skeptical...

The final few minutes, the actual Russian Roulette part, just tapped into my "this is real" sense a little too many times. He acted exactly as I expected him to, which makes it all the more real, and yet surely that was his goal in the first place - to seem real. And so I have to hand it to the man - top marks for planning and effort. If nothing else, I came away from the show thinking that he was a genuinely likeable showman, not like the up-himself space-out nutter who currently resides in a box in London.

And no, I didn't think it was an irresponsible example to set to kids. The whole point of the program was that he was avoiding getting shot and killed - I'd say that's an excellent example to set to everybody in this world.

Hmm... I feel a rant brewing on another topic entirely...

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Successfully attempting to not shoot yourself in the head - sounds a bit.. you know... easy.

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