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I'm having a good time :o)

We went on an adventure to buy electricity earlier, but we couldn't find the place, and then we did, but it didn't matter because I didn't have the key for the meter anyway, so there. But it got us out of the house, which is a start... Though, in fairness, we also went to see American Pie 3 the other day, but it was a bit rubbish in a lot of places, on account of how the general theme was "let's see how many painfully awkward scenarios we can put people in", which wasn't what I wanted to see. Probably picked the wrong movie, really. But there were some great moments.

And now my long weekend is almost over, and in 14 hours, I'll be back at work again. But it's not really a problem, since I get an hour for lunch when I can come home and serially pester Eri until I go back to work again... I've actually had the best few days ever... We're so right for each other... I've never felt so completely at ease with somebody, or felt that someone else is so on my wavelength... It's wonderful :o)

Anyway, time to watch stupid movies :o)


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