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Right, let's see...

Netgear ADSL Modem Router (4 x 10/100 ports)
Dabs Quicklinx: 2137WS
Cost: £92.82

8 Port Switch
From DMZ
Free until I have the money to pay him back

Cat5e and Cat5 Modular Wall Outlets
Cost: 4x £1 + 2x £1.50 + 6x £1.20
(four singles and two doubles, plus six back boxes, but this is for later)

100m of CAT5 Cable
Cost: £25 + 12x £2 (connectors)

Right, so the total cost at the minute is about £140...

The idea is, four wires leave my room, each one goes to a different room in the house. In my room, these go into the switch, which is connected to the ADSL router, which is connected to the phone line. Then my computer plugs into it all as well. And whee, home network. People just plug their PCs into the cable, and it's all good.

Once I've got the network sorted, I can work on getting faster DSL, but the priority is getting everybody online before Quinn kills me and takes my connection for herself ;o)

Ideally, this will all be done in the next week... woo :o)

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or run WinGate on your pc, and just use the hub / switch and your existing modem... means your pc has to be always on but it's not THAT hard. Failing that, use an old pc with wingate on it and leave it on and stuck in a cupboard... far cheaper...

1) I don't have an old computer, so that's not a viable option

2) I could share the Internet connection on this PC easily, it's running XP, I can stick it across the network fine. But I don't want to. I don't want my PC to be responsible for the house's Internet connection, and I don't want the (massive) drain on respources that sharing a broadband connection with 4 other PCs would put on it...

WinGate is an absolutely atrocious piece of software. Anyone suggesting its use should be drawn and quartered.

But at the same time, it's simple and it works and takes about three seconds to set up.

ha good luck seems to complicated for me to understand.. then again alot is anyways these days...

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