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Chemical Consciousness
I may have miscalculated. I correctly assessed how much stuff there was in my old room, but I grossly overestimated my own willingness to deal with it. Neighbours, the news, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Eastenders, Friends, Will & Grace, Scrubs, Sex and the City, Graham Norton... From 5:30pm to past 11pm there have been TV shows to distract me.

.. but I'm scared as hell, that she'll figure me out ..

So now I'm running on caffeine among other things... Awake with assistance. I have very little left to do - a few things left to move up here, then hoover/clean the place. Then I have to clean up downstairs. Then I have to do the halls. And then I am done!

Harry is being sneaky - she's sleeping upstairs, which is clearly naughty, because it's almost midnight, and she's no longer living here after that. I should kick her out and tell her she's not welcome in my house... I'm a cunt ;o)

Seems like that day will never come, so I'll keep dreaming, I hope you're happy with your life and everything is fine for you..

I found my Reading ticket order confirmation. I now know that it is on the way, just not yet. I think I'll get Eri to e-bay it for me - she has a nice rating, and an account, and I have neither. I'd ask her politely to do it, but I'm sure she will anyway, because she's lovely like that... and if she doesn't, I will spank her with a cricket bat, oh yes... ;o)

I downloaded Pirate of the Caribbean, just for the sake of it, so I shall watch some of that when my work is done. The state I'm in right now, I'm in no danger of sleeping. I'm actually feeling really good about all this - my room is looking really great. I have posters to put up tomorrow, including two Ataris ones that I got ages ago but which have been sitting in boxes for ages..

.. take me apart, suck my blood until you stop my heart ..

Awww, Alice called me! I've not spoken to her for ages... She's a vixen that one, and she's so worse than me! 'twas fun, though she was a little drunk. Must talk to her lots, we lost touch and that's crap.. But it's all good now, yay... Anyhow, that was a nice little distraction :o)

Anyway, back to the tidying I think... It's fun when you're slightly out of your head ;o)

.. difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed and passed over, when I look right through, and see you naked but oblivious, and you don't see me...

Lies are made to be uncovered, promises to be broken, and you hang on to the idea that it all comes good in the end.

And I've dropped off the front page too.


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