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guntrip writes:
i just read too many of jamie's livejournal entries. compared to him, a page 3 girl would look like a nice little catholic girl

Hmm... I don't give that bad an impression, do I? I mean sure, there's the home-made porn, but it's not like I actively put it on my journal.

How innocent am I then?

Like a virgin
Pretty conventional
A bit kinky
Complete fuckup
The single most perverted over-sexed fetish-geek ever to have lived

Y'know, just so I know what impression I'm giving off here :o)

PS - "nice little catholic girls" are the biggest sluts of all ;o)

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I can't believe that I was the only person to vote for the last one! ;)

just like to confirm that last statement concerning nice little catholic girls. as one i feel confident reporting yes, we are *the* biggest sluts of all.

lol ... I went to Catholic school for 5 years ... And in that time, especially my last year (1st year of high school)- your statement was proved many a time. I remember talking to one of my friends (an 8th grader while I was a 9th grader) and her telling me all about her blow-job prowess.


From what I read here, you're no way near as "odd" (by conventional standards, of course) as most of my friends.

i've heard of/read worse. you're not odd. not that odd, at least.

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