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Hmm, there's something wrong with the Internet when a website about biscuits gets on the news because it's had 250,000 hits in two years. Over six months, I had a couple of online tests which had over 2,500,000 hits. I know it's hardly the same as a website, but still - 250k is nothing.


I'm feeling indignant at the news right now, largely because I'm hungry, and the kitchen looks like a bombsite because Harry is serially incapable of tidying up after herself.

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THATS WHAT I WAS THINKING! I used to get WAY more than that when I was at :/

But what goes better with a cup of tea, eh? Biscuits or an online quiz? I rest my case.


I remember a site in our local paper about some 12yr old punk who made about some local attraction in Frontpage, it got about 500hits in some unspecified period of time and made page 3. I think it was a pretty quiet news day ;)

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