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Ed, Kat, shoot me, I'm starting to like some of this tripe...

I'm trying to
Believe in you
But all these satellites and shattered dreams are fucking up my view
Please don't forget who you really are
'Cause nothing really matters when you're gone

(PS, I know it's "blocking out" and not "fucking up", but I'm pretty sure it was written the latter way, and they changed it because they're sell-outs)

And it's not just that one either...

But high up on this mountain I can almost see your lonely window sill
They'll carry you home tonight
There's a ghost in your old bedroom
And a candle burning bright

Not to mention the fact that I already like playing My Reply on guitar, and have always liked So Long Astoria (the song), and the electric Looking Back On Today, and (the original) Radio #2. And Boys of Summer.

It's not as good as their old stuff, but I'm starting to think that some of The Ataris' new stuff might actually be listenable. I mean shit, I even like Summer 79 for the key change... Though thankfully the lyrics are bad enough that I never EVER listen to it

"We are the champions" playing out on the radio station
Everyone sing along with these anthems of our generation

Uh, anyway, enough about the Ataris....


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