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I've been feeding the gulls... the parents don't seem to want to leave the babies, and now they have two 'nests' to look out for, so I've been throwing them scraps of bread, which they seem to have been gratefully receiving. The babies that fell seem to be fairly mobile (though a few weeks away from flying I'd estimate), so they shouldn't die - the parents still seem to be very interested in their wellfare. And I know we can't get them back onto the roof, but if the people next door really don't want them being there, we could probably get them into our garden - nobody uses it, and we could make them a little nest and stuff...

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Stick to seeds. Bread is generally bad for birds, and has the potential to kill them.

Would be true, except these are seagulls, and they are invincible.

Seriously, you should see the stuff they eat.. black plastic bags, small stones, ice cream... anything they can get their hands on... Their stomachs are pretty awesome things :o)

touching them is probably a bad idea, something about human scents repelling the parents or just moving them, i dunno, but i hear it fucks up.

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