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Realisation dawns....
[01:54:34] <DMZ> you think that's bad?
[01:54:37] <DMZ> I met my boyfriend online
[01:54:43] <UnknownJ> I met my girlfriend online
[01:54:46] <DMZ> oh
[01:54:47] <UnknownJ> I met the girlfriend before her online
[01:54:52] <UnknownJ> I met the girlfriend before HER online
[01:54:57] <UnknownJ> And I met the girlfriend before that one online too
[01:55:02] <UnknownJ> Oh my God
[01:55:06] <UnknownJ> What the fuck is wrong with me?

Answers on a postcard please

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You're in love with the internet. Pure and simple.

Bzzt, wrong.

Proof: The Internet contains you :oP

I never mentioned the contents.

You could quite easily be in love with a car and yet hate the contents :-P

But that doesn't explain why all my recent girlfriends have been met online - you implied the reason was that I love things online, and I showed you that I don't.

Yeah, you're right as always, it was far too late for me to even think about starting a proper discussion..

I'll keep quiet now.

Victory is mine!

I win in all kinds of ways.

maybe because it's where you spend most of your free time..
or it's easier to make a friendship first that way? hmm i don't know.

i agree... i find it a lot easier to get things roling online then in real life..

I think the first option is probably it... :o)

because you don't have enough confidence in your appearance to rely on that as the sole factor of attraction between you and a girl who you are also attracted to. i cite my evidence as how you claim to never pull girls in clubs. also, with the net, you get to explore a person's personality before committing to anything, are likely to be able to select a person with similar interests to you, and also someone who will already be aware of your intense geekiness, and will accept it, as it is indeed part of her too... hehe. meh, just a suggestion?

nah, it's because jamie is actually a MAIL SERVER. duh.

a mail server with a damn big operating system. grrr!

[i][01:55:06] What the fuck is wrong with me?

Answers on a postcard please[/i]

I'm sorry, the answer wouldn't fit on a postcard. :)

Let's see... I've met two girlfriends online. I have, however, met the group of friends that is my closest group of friends online. We all met online about 10 years ago on a local BBS. I've also met a number of friends through TrekMUSH: Amongst the Stars, which I played for 3 years solid about 7 years ago.

the internet is your iron lung.

end of note.


i really have nothing of importance to say.
Gosh im stupid.
toodles. x

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