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And still I go back in time...

Because I care

I wonder about that, about how obvious I'm being. It's probably okay.

Never have been

Ha, free indeed. More than two years ago now, and another betrayal, and again, I was him. In fact, I was him first... And I hate being him, because I hate him more than I hate anybody, and yet I can't help it. But even if I do the same things as him, I'll never say the same things. I'll never cut somebody open like that and kill them every way I know how. Because that not who I am .. whoever I am.

I'm neither of them really

Probably no more than I deserve really, and I always said I didn't deserve much. It made me want to read him again, and it's quite telling that I sat there for a good twenty seconds not remembering where he was any more. I've not read her in a long time now, and it all goes to show that it's fading into the past like oh so many other memories which I've lost and stopped caring to keep.

Now that I think about it...

I don't know why, it's exactly the sort of thing I've been guilty of myself, but I can't help but feel that it was the other way around this time. As though I was the afterthought, when every time it's me doing it, the afterthought is always the other one. I guess it's about priorities...

But it's okay

As soon as I read it, I felt kinda sick...

I warn you now, this won't make sense - I'd put it somewhere else, but I've not got the energy

I never learn...

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I'll never cut somebody open like that and kill them every way I know how

Hmmm really - I thought this was an aspiration of yours?

Only for TMA. And he's hardly "somebody" ;o)

Ah - seems a tad violent but whatever blows your hair back!

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