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I don't wanna wait... ...but it's always worth it
Something got me thinking, and now you'll all suffer the consequences...

A lot of my outlook is based on a month, a couple of years ago. It pointed out a few tricks to me, about how you can live your life in a certain way, and cut the boring corners that never get you anywhere. Sometimes you can do more in a month than you can in an entire lifetime. Sometimes you can do more in a week than a year.

And you can do more in five or six hours (if you're lucky) than you can do in a month. Urgency brings out intensity, and suddenly every second is important. Take an essay (if you're me). For a month, you might only manage a couple of pages. Suddenly there's a deadline - you only have a few hours until it's all over and done with. And so you rush, and there's the adrenaline, and the excitement, and that slow unpressured month looks pathetic compared to your few hours of intense work.

The sky is purple. The real sky is a deep blue, and the orange of the streetlights on the thin clouds tints it into purple. It'll only be like that for a few minutes, before the sky gets too dark and it loses its magic. And yet, if it lasted longer, it might be that little bit less inspiring.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that sometimes, if life gives you just a few hours to do something, you try harder than if you were given a whole year. And sometimes it can make it all the more worth it, and more special. I guess it all depends on how optimistic you want to be...

  • 1 you rush, and there's the adrenaline, and the excitement, and that slow unpressured month looks pathetic compared to your few hours of intense work.

that's exactly how it is not i'm doing art. i leave everything that i've been planning to the last few days and even stay up all night with crappy lighting. i don't know if i could work any other way.. i need to know there's not another month to get it done. now now, and not 'oh i can always do it tomorrow'.

i meant to say now i'm doing art.. not not, heh.
i've never commented on your journal with this style. it makes userpics look all sqishy!

damn. & you can't delete comments either. i don't like you lj style :D

-stops commentingloadsontheJAMIESjournal-

"The" Jamie's journal? ;o)

And yeah, the new style is a bit weird... I'm having trouble getting used to it, but it'll settle down eventually. This is the direction LJ is heading in, so... :o)

Did you code this into the style yourself, I'm guessing you did. Will you be making it available to other peeps who use this style, or is it already available because I'm too lazy to look :o)

Are you going to add the row of buttons that is on the standard LJ comment page (memories, delete etc)? Then it'd be uber cool, oh yes :)

thanks. wow, i've just changed mine! (i have it on the classic style so userpics are not squishy, which is good)

Hmmm. How do I add memories under this new style?

I admire your writing. You've got a talent for summing things up that are difficult to express. Cheers :)

I think. But I had to construct that myself so it might be wrong....

And thanks :o)

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