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I am, we are .. too far gone
I begin today's entry with a question. What the fuck does "bling" mean? Only, I fear that my alien superiors will quiz me later, and I haven't got a clue. Is it a word common people use to refer to their common possessions which somehow set them apart from other common people? F'ing humans..

Last night, Jimbo and I watched the season finale of Friends together. It was unusual, in that we don't normally both see a new episode for the first time together - usually, I see them first, then watch them with him later. Well this time, we watched all fifty glorious non-stop minutes of it together. And it was so good - we were both in hysterics...

All I ever wanted, all I ever needed is here, in my arms

Something about sweet november got me thinking... I'd fill in the gaps, but it's fun to make you guess...

I went shopping earlier, in the pouring rain. This was over an hour ago, and my hair is still damp from it... people don't seem to realise quite how long it is, because I try to style it and stuff. It comes down over my eyes, which certainly isn't that short. It's just that it's short at the sides, on account of how I don't have a mohawk at the side :o)

Last few days have been good... I went to the pub last night, and had some very interesting and fun conversations with certain people. 'twas all good...

Earlier I almost lost my key. Keys are important. I wouldn't have been able to get into my house, and would have DIED on the STREETS. You don't want that.

Exams start on Monday, which is shite... But then it's only two weeks until I'm free and happy, so that's a thought worth holding on to. I've been revising today, but my brain started to ache, so instead I watched the football and was disgusted by Arsenal's time wasting at the end. Bad spirited cunts.

I feel like I'm writing in a disjoint fashion, but that's just because I've not got the creativity to write more in each paragraph. Blame it on the revision - it's bad for you.

I save your messages, just to hear your voice

Note to self - need a calculator.

Also need food - I'm starving hungry right now. I bought bread, so I can make me some grilled cheese and stuff... Yum. End bollocks.

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um. bling originates from the sound of excessive amounts of shiny jewellery clanging together. it generally refers to platinum or gold jewellery with a lot of dimonds but the meaning has been expanded to include any stupidly large display of wealth.

Ah. So it's a townie/kev/snetter word, meaning chunky fake tat... That would explain it....

it means like lots of expensive, showy stuff. like rappers wearing ten silver crosses and at least a ring on each finger. they're bling blingin'.

i refer you here for an example (not great, but still...)

leave me a message... i miss you too easily.

What the hell? You can style the comment page now? Daaah, this just totally confused me and I thought I went to your main LJ page...

disgusted by Arsenal's time wasting at the end

How soon people forget.

2 years ago we didn't waste time and lost 2-1. This year we just needed to win. Bollocks to style!

Re: disgusted by Arsenal's time wasting at the end

It's a shitty way to win. Sport is supposed to be about the fun, not the winning

I'm sure that Thierry and co were having a lot of fun wasting time. Far more fun than watching Soton attack our goal. And while I agree with you at an amateur level, when you get paid upwards of £30,000 a week then the fun has to take second place to trying to ensure that you win. Ideally Arsenal would have been 2 or 3 up and then wouldn't have felt the need to protect a slender lead.

T'other thing is that these guys were working, not playing. So while everyone at work should have some fun, it's not what you get paid for.

Well that's what's wrong with football - the amount of money involved.

Hence why Frisbee will always be better - winning and losing takes second place to how much fun you have, because there's no money in it :o)

Words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm

shut the hell up

u all talk about footy too mutch and need to get into a real sport like hmm... lets say balay for instance.
| and i dont like cheez because it smells of
un-washedingness and should be punished for its infereority!

as i was saying balay is a good sure frizby can be fun but you just cant beet a good balay sesion.

i would like to anounce that i will not be getting marryd this week sure maby in the future but at the age of 15 i dont think its a wize idea.

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shut the hell up

and the a b4 good waz a mistake

shut the hell up


posted by:Hazz On Heat

i was ment to say that in the first mesage.

You're not funny, not smart, and I'm bored of you already. Piss off

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