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All I can taste is this moment
I woke up early and did some revision. Go me!

Stupid maths.. it gets into my head and I can't think straight... not that it's such a problem...
Busted have announced these new tour dates in March 2004.

Newcastle Arena - Tue 2 Mar
Nottingham Arena - Wed 3 Mar
Birmingham NEC - Fri 5 Mar
Sheffield Arena - Sun 7 Mar
Cardiff International Arena - Tue 9 Mar
Wembley Arena - Fri 12 Mar
Manchester Arena - Fri 19 Mar

Tickets will go on sale 10am Saturday 17 May
WTF? For starter's, this is arrogant bullshit, setting dates 9 months in advance. Nobody is going to remember Busted then, because they are shite. Except the incredibly multi-talented Charlie, who can drum, play guitar and sing at the same time. I might buy tickets, just so that I can sit there with a load of confused kids who can't quite remember who they were meant to be seeing...

Or, um, not.

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arena tours tend to go on sale 6-12 months before the actual dates, so theres plenty of time to sell tickets etc etc.

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