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Ever so happy :o)
Just checked my coursework marks for my Comp Sci half of my degree. On the AI side, I got 73% and 80% on my two essays, meaning that I got 76.5% for that course. The coursework makes up 50% of the course, so I have a grand total of 38.25% already - I only need to get 4% on my final exam on this one to pass. I feel dead happy.

Then on my programming side, only one of my two things has been marked so far - I got 55% on it, which is bloody good, really. It's the coke can thing, and I only did up to 50% of the marked stuff, yet exceeded that. Goes to show what a good write-up and analysis of how you could have done better does :o)


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Barrrrstard! Er, I mean congratulations.

mumble mumble..

Some of us have to try you know! Humph, well done, (think what you could do if you tried!)
Glad you are better %-)

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