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The Ending of Dogma - Conclusions
Matt Damon's character repented, and was slain for refusing to go through with what he thought was wrong. In a nice link to the history of the character, he finds his salvation - his defiance of God and siding with Bartleby originally led to his being sent to Earth - his refusal to side with Bartleby at the end allowed him back into Heaven, by God's will.

Then, Ben Affleck's character apologises to God directly, and then (before he is dispatched), thanks her. This is a sign to me that he has something to be thankful for - i.e. forgiveness. God can change her mind, otherwise what would the point of it all be - thus, God can change her mind about banishing the two eternally, without destroying the world. Pretty good.

And in this way, all four heroes (as I perceive them) succeed in the end. Hooray :o)

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God is female, these days?

Bah! First they let 'em into the MCC and then the floodgates open :-)

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