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Pain is temporary, Glory is forever!
It's time. Last minute packing and tidying, then going to throw around with Jimbo for an hour, then I'm off to Rimini.

Should be fun - the World Beach Ultimate Cup starts on Friday, continues until Monday, then I fly back next Tuesday. Wish me luck :o\

My finger still isn't fixed, but they told me it wouldn't be. They also told me not to play, but sod it, when am I ever going to get another chance like this?

Permanent injury is forever, but glory awaits :o)

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hi there :)

i stumbled upon your journal and started reading. and then i read some more. and then a little bit more. and i hope you don't mind me saying but your quite interesting. and you have lovely taste in music, so i've added you as a friend. just thought i'd tell you so if you see my username on your info page you won't be all "who the *&^% is that?" :)

Thats good hair and an even better poster.

WHERE did you get the Paper Bag Demo?

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