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(Deleted comment)
Oooh. I have that film now. I don't know why I hadn't sought it out before, but now I've borrowed it :)

Yay. Lots of films soon, I think. Velvet Goldmine, La Haine and Gosford Park should be a pretty good start :)

(Jamie's hair's pretty good too. Doubt I needed to say it, but there. Egoboost.)

*shouts from... um... pooter chair*

that's my boyfriend! that's my boyfriend! look how cute and... uh... surprised... he looks!

*kiss* you = awesome.

not bad Webley! Hope you have a nice time in Rimani (sp?, not my strong point) Am off to Spain tomorrow, so that will be nice, good luck with the frisbee, spk soon, Becca x

re: first picture.

Just seen yourself in a mirror?

wicked hair man, love it!

MY GOD YOUR HAIR! heheh, i love it. especially the first picture with the shocked eye expression. ♥

People complain that I only have one pose. So I invented another :o)

You invented that look, and it's not just the Magnum?


How's your hair? And Tom's?

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