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But seriously, as I was saying before, see how quickly the news has started to demonize Syria?

[18:18:26] <DMZ> it appears to be a case of threaten, claim country has WMD, invade, rinse, wash, repeat

Couldn't have put it better myself. The "Axis of Evil" is now reduced to five members - Syria, Cuba, Libya, Iran and North Korea. I'm sure it won't be long until a few more countries join them - it seems to be a case of adding three countries to the Axis every year. We've still got a few months to go, but here are my hot tips:

Bastion of evil, they've renamed "Freedom Fries" to "French Fries" because they hate freedom. They were the bad guys in WW2, and they speak a different language to us. They're also quite like Canadians, only further away, which makes it easier to attack them.

Do I even need to give reasons? The USSR was the original Axis of Evil all by itself, and has weapons of mass destruction. They used to be a threat, but now they're not, let's pretend they are, and wipe them out. They also disagree with the USA, so they must be evil.

Why not?

If I was Saddam, the last place I'd run to is Syria. He's a smart man, he should've realised long ago that they'd be next. And lo, take a look at the news - US seeking sanctions against them for their ownership of chemical weapons. Next they'll be going to the UN for a resolution, and three months down the road will unilaterally declare that it's not working, and they're going to attack anyway. No smart Iraqi would hide out in the next target - if I was them, I'd flee to Texas. The Americans are unlikely to bomb there (except by accident in one of their hilariously slapstick friendly fire accidents).

Right, I think I've vented enough. In conclusion, the world is stupid, your beliefs are stupid, your president is stupid, and I'll have no part in this mockery of reality.

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"Bastion of evil, they've renamed "Freedom Fries" to "French Fries" because they hate freedom."

Hahahaha this made me laugh out loud at work, which was embarassing.

Couldn't have put this better myself. Good to see people thinking for themselves...

::meri (

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