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This is fucking stupid:

The story is basically about a bouncer who tried to stop people smoking in a bar (in accordance with the law), and they knifed him. Rather than talking about what's wrong with these people, or why they felt their right to smoke was more important than another man's right to life, the brother of the victim comes out with:

"The common person always plays the victim of these political laws and my brother was their first casualty"

""I'm bitter. It's a senseless murder because of this stupid cigarette law. That's the reason this guy was killed."

"This new rule is only going to cause more tragedy. I foresee it."

Uh, perspective? This is a law designed to protect people who work in bars from passive smoking, and is done to provide cleaner air for people. It's not a stupid law, and it doesn't in any way lead to violence, except when applied to psychotics as above. If they were that willing to stab somebody, surely they'd have found another excuse anyway.

I mean yeesh....

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Hmmm - they even put warnings on packs of cigarettes saying "smoking kills".

Uncanny foresight!

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