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Tempted though I was to upload the 23mb video of me and Rachel having sex, instead, I uploaded this:

Suckers for Self Destruction - Ring the Bells (live)

It's a cover of an old James song, done without any multi-track nonsense, in one take. Just me, my guitar, and the microphone. Hence why I call it 'live', because it kinda is... Or as near as a one-man-band can really get :o)

Anyhow, I quite like it, I pushed my voice in it quite a bit (especially towards the end), which was new for me, rather than my usual mumbling way of singing. I must try it more... Let me know what you all think....

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I like it! Very catchy to me, I caught myself singing the courus while driving around tonight:D


give us the sex video dammit, i want to edit it and use some stills from it for my nefarious plans and things like that..

HEY. you should be addressing that to me too. it's MY punana.

I'd edit you out entirely, I have no wish to disrespect a lady. James on the other hand... :p

should fall well into your will-not-disrespect gender categories :P

i have a history of disrespecting him. to stop now would just be hypocritical :p

Well at least you're not pretending to be trustworthy - after giving Liam a framed nude picture of me for his birthday, I would hope you'd not expect me to trust you :o)

woo. low voice. does this mean you weren't naked/having fun at the time? ;)

Har har har

The next video will have sound, and then we'll see who makes the girliest noises! *raises fist, Brak's Dad style*

Gah! I never learn!

I think you're guitar was out of tune James - seriously.

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