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So here's the deal - towards the start of the first of my four 50-minute games, I dived for a disc and landed awkwardly on my right hand. Later in that game, I further aggravated it with a similar stunt (but on that occasion I got the disc).

I then continued to play for a further three or so hours of games, plus throwing around, with a hand that was rather bloody painful, but didn't pay much attention to it. However, now that I look at it, the finger bends a little bit sideways at the knuckle, and is swollen to the point where I can barely move it. Jimbo has suggested that I don't play any Ultimate for at least a week, and normally he's pretty dismissive about injuries, so I'm guessing that this isn't good. I can barely type, moving the finger hurts too much. I daren't see if I can play guitar just in case...

But I'm quite happy about it... the geek within me is proud of me for picking up sporting injuries - it's better than how I'd have been a couple of years ago, where the only injury I could pick up was RSI from typing... :o)

Still, the swelling around the joints is starting to harden, and it all hurts. Soon it'll be time for the next batch of pain killers, and then I can go to bed....

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heh. I get RSI.

But it's really more aggravating a tennis injury. really it is. ehehe

Out of interest, what is the difference between Ultimate Frisbee and just plain normal Frisbee?

Frisbee could refer to any number of disc-based sports (Ultimate, Disc Golf, just throwing around in the sea, etc.) but is in fact just a trademark owned by Wham-O for their own flying disc (which isn't actually used in Ultimate, we use Discraft UltraStar discs instead).

Ultimate (or Ultimate Frisbee for clarity) is a team sport with formalised rules, etc.'s sort of like football (of the american kind), isn't it?

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