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Do not enter, monster in disguise
The weather is, how we say, shite. It was so beautiful yesterday - clear blue skies, glorious sunshine, it was very summer-like. Right now, it's grey, and cold, and bollocks. Still, won't stop me going to frisbee this evening, even if it's only for an hour or something. Must practice for the tournament that Ed and I are going to this weekend.

So she says will I go numb this time?
But she says
Are you the boy who loved me?
Was it something said please tell me
Cause the flaws that run through you will surely trample me you see
This soul has many voids throughout me

The beach was nice last night. Not very cold at all, and the sea was pretty. It's my thinky place - everybody should have a thinky place. *sigh* Still, all much better now...

I have fallen deep inside
I will never find the right way
And I'm sick of living life through weakness
I would rather slip and die
Than live this life without you

I slept until noon today, as I often try to do on April 1st. It's just safer that way... I've been looking for spoof news from the BBC (since they often do that), but it turns out that having fun isn't on their agenda this year. At first I thought the "Seven scared women and children in a car killed by US troops" was a joke, but turns out it's not.

So when I finally love me
I will break inside and you will see
Cause I promised mom and dad I have this thing called son wrapped up
This soul has many voids throughout me

And the US is still harping on with its "illegal combatant" bullshit, which apparently justifies not giving people a lawyer or human rights. It's really sickening - they've actually found an excuse to withold legal representation and trials from these people, and they're using it. What f'ing harm can it do to treat people like human beings? No wonder most of the world hates the USA these days - they preach about bringing freedom to people and then take it away from those they feel like. Do tell me exactly how that's in any way just or right.

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it's not. that's why i intend to stay away from most of texas and the south for my entire life.

Do tell me exactly how that's in any way just or right.

because god loves america!

Car Ride Home and Monster are my are my fav. This CD is an aquired taste.

As for the USA.. scary scary stuff going on.

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