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What was the first record you owned?
Erasure - Chorus

What was the first record you ever bought?
I certainly remember buying Men in Black by Will Smith. Up until that point, I just made mix tapes off the radio

If you had a member of the opposite sex coming over and you wanted to impress them, what would you hide?
The Very Best of Jason Donovan, The Marshall Mathers LP. I'm not ashamed of owning either of them, but that sort of admission is clearly a 'second date' type revelation.

Is there as song that reminds you of your childhood?
Captain Sensible - Happy Talk

If you could spend a night with 5 musical artists, 3 for their minds and two for their bodies, who would they be?
Mind 1) Art Alexakis (Everclear)
Mind 2) Eric Clapton
Mind 3) Mozart
Body 1) Delta Goodrem (Nina from Neighbours)
Body 2) Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray)

If your life was a movie, what song would you play over the following?
*** Opening credits: The Ataris - Looking Back on Today (full band version off SLA)
*** Love scenes: John Williams - Across the Stars
*** Closing credits: Depends - it would have to suit the mood of the end of the movie, and I don't know how this movie ends yet

What do you listen to when you are...?
Happy: Audio Karate
Sad: Suede
Angry: I play my own angry music
Drunk: Dance/Cheese/Oldies in clubs

Name one musical artist you would like to see banished:
Justin Timberlake

Name one musical genre you would like to see banished:
Hip Hop

Name a song you would rather never hear again:
I dunno - I tend not to dwell on the negative

What now - defunct band would you most like to see reunite [living or dead]?

Name and album that is perfect all the way through:
Erasure - Chorus. Every album of the last decade has had some sort of flaw in it - you have to go back to a time before I could really assess music in the same way to find one without.

Music you like that could be considered a guilty pleasure:
Jason Donovan? ;o)

Is there a song that described your or a situation you've been in so well that you could have written it?
Any number of original songs by Suckers for Self Destruction, oddly enough...

Which underrated artist deserves more attention?
Audio Karate

Has a song or artist changed your life in anyway? if so, how?
Hmm, The Ataris motivated me to be better at guitar, and once I was better than them, AK did likewise. Duran Duran made me not want to die (though apparently they usually have the opposite effect on people)...

Best music related movie:
Moulin Rouge / Empire Records

Current favourite radio hit?
Radio? What's that?

Other good bands?
Suckers for Self Destruction. Less than Jake. Ooh, I have tickets for LTJ right here...

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Noooo! Justin's amaaaaaaazing.

As it happens, my second choice was Tool, just to annoy a load of pretentious "music is an artform" people ;o)

But... music is an artform :) Tool, Justin, it's all good

hehhe, yeah change it to Tool!

i saw a "justin for president" shirt in a clothes shop today. it took me by suprise. it was very scary.

justin's shirt

Where did you see justin 4 president shirt?

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