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So yeah, I'm back in Brighton now... I had a lot of things to say, but I'm not sure if I can be bothered right now..

Ooh, watched new episodes of Buffy and Friends - as per usual, the Buffy was superior... Some quality moments there..

I might try recording something later - I've got a couple of riffs in my head which I want to try to put down..

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I *really* liked the last Buffy ... I can see where this is going- standoff between Wood and Spike- and I know who Buffy'll choose, even if you don't.

Hope that you are over your stomach flu. Seems like all my friends here are having something similar- here's to hoping I don't get it. *ick*

Well, it was hardly worth clipping...

If Buffy doesn't choose Spike I may resort to cutting myself...

not caught up with buffy yet, but friends has been really well written and funny so far (seen up to the one with the blind dates)


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