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100 Things About Me

  1. My middle name is David, a name shared by my uncle, my great-uncle, my second cousin, my mother's cousin, and approximately half my family
  2. My first name is James, obviously, and apparently I'm named after my great-grandfather, though I did not previously know this
  3. The guitar I play, and will always play, is a Yamaha Pacifica. I prefer the set-up to every other guitar I've ever touched, and would sooner convert and customise the Hell out of it than replace it
  4. I'm naked in approximately 1/6th of all the pictures of me on my hard drive
  5. I'm not naked right now
  6. I have a lot of ambition, but no motivation, which has a tendency to leave me feeling a little unfulfilled
  7. I once had a girlfriend for six months and didn't kiss her once - I was unsurprised when she left me for somebody else
  8. Despite having kissed a fair few boys, I'm neither gay nor bisexual - just easy (and straight)
  9. I've been called Jamie for just 18 months, by half the people who know me
  10. On that subject, when I go to write my name, it now takes a conscious effort to write James instead of Jamie, because I'm so accustomed to it
  11. I compulsively download every episode of Buffy and Friends as soon as they air in the US
  12. I've been using the Internet for six years, and it still annoys me
  13. I'm not nearly as egocentric as you like to think I am
  14. I constantly try to re-invent my life, but more often than not, it becomes a re-make of my past
  15. I keep a photo album, and it's one of my favourite possessions, because unlike pictures online, it's something I can hold in my hands
  16. I am addicted to Polo mints, and have been for four years
  17. I have never cheated on a girlfriend, with the possible exception of kissing Ste when I was dating Jen. But this can be justified by remembering that she was getting her rocks off with somebody else at the time anyway.
  18. I am the biggest fan of Doctor Who that I know, because it really is quality
  19. I speak to TMA almost every day, and have done so for the past 6 years, which might actually make him one of my closest friends, despite the fact that he is quite obviously a cunt
  20. I've become too laid back to take anything even remotely seriously these days, with the possible exception of US politics, because no matter how detached I become, it still manages to be retarded enough to bother me
  21. It never fails to amuse me that FaceParty have trademarked the phrase "are you a honey or a gimp?" as if others might wish to steal it for some reason...
  22. I'm a massive fan of Red Dwarf, and Chris Barrie in particular, who is one of my heroes
  23. When I was 13/14, one of my best friends was killed when his intoxicated father crashed his car, and throughout my school life, there wasn't a day that went by when I didn't remember that fact
  24. I have the coolest hamster in the world, it says "I'm going to get you", and its eyes light up
  25. My favourite lyric in the world is probably "All I ever wanted to do was learn how to break this world in two" from the second chorus of Everclear's song Short Blonde Hair
  26. I used to be a complete tart who flirted with every available girl I could find. I have since acquired standards and morals. Well, standards, anyway...
  27. My penis is the same size as David's, which is bigger than some of the pizzas you can buy in Brighton
  28. My favourite colour is magenta, which happens to be the colour of my hair...
  29. I have never bought FHM, Loaded, or any other similar magazine before in my life
  30. Certain episodes of Thomas The Tank Engine used to really upset me - specifically, the one where he got suffocated in coal - I took exception to the idea of one of my favourite TV characters being unable to breathe for some reason...
  31. I'm training my brother up to be the second coming of Me
  32. I am quite possibly the most lazy person in the world when it comes to changing lightbulbs - I'd sooner live in darkness for a month than bother with it, unless I'm in a special lightbulb mood
  33. I didn't lose my virginity until I was 20, not because I had principles, but because of a series of poor circumstances
  34. I've travelled to too many countries in the name of love, and I refuse to do it again. I might be persuaded to do it for sex though.
  35. I've been an avid follower of music since 1990, when I was heavily into 80s synth pop/rock (Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, OMD, etc.)
  36. I don't have any porn on my computer whatsoever, with the exception of various photos Rachel and I have taken, and the stuff with just me in it, of course
  37. I used to be a maths genius, but I managed to make me dumb, like, totally....
  38. So far I've cried at two gigs just from hearing the music, but thankfully I'm still not emo
  39. I write far more songs than I ever tell anybody about, largely because they are shit
  40. In my first month with my current mobile phone, I sent an average of 40 text messages per day
  41. I own albums by both Eminem and Uncle Kracker, and I am a little ashamed of this, though I stand by my decision to buy them at the time
  42. I also own albums by OMD, Erasure, Nena and Jason Donovan. I am not ashamed of those
  43. My girlfriend is in Thailand right now and I wish more than anything else in the world that she wasn't
  44. I'm recovering from a Red Bull dependency...
  45. I'm crap at putting CDs back in the right boxes, but I always remember which wrong box I put them into
  46. At Frisbee tournaments, I always wear my tiger boxer shorts outside my kit
  47. What I have with Rachel isn't just love, it's addiction... Unstoppable, bringing us both to life, shutting out everything else, and it all feels so good. It's quite possibly the most amazing thing I've ever been a part of.
  48. I have never watched an episode of Baywatch in my life, nor do I intend to
  49. When I was a baby, I had a gigantic head
  50. I used to be quite a keen actor
  51. I know some massive secrets that I can't tell anybody, and it does my head in
  52. I've read every Discworld book ever published
  53. I keep a train ticket in my wallet, from when I went to Berkhamsted on January 5th, because that was the last time I saw Rachel
  54. After years of being quite the reverse, I am now more physically fit than average
  55. In my spare time, I'm a porn star
  56. I honestly think Alice in Wonderland is one of the scariest movies ever
  57. Despite doing two maths a-levels and a maths degree, I actually despise the subject (though I will argue in favour of it against stupid arguments - I believe it has merit, I just don't personally like it)
  58. I've been to more lectures this term than in the previous two years combined
  59. I don't buy anything that's visibly marketted as Nestlé, though I will buy certain products from Nestlé-owned subsidiaries, because ultimately I won't have my purchasing decisions dictated to me
  60. If I could tax the ass off the rich, and bring about a decrease in poverty at the expense of those who live selfish luxury lifestyles, I'd do it in an instant, because ultimately, I'm a complete lefty socialist
  61. I can recite Pi to approximately 40 decimal places
  62. The number for Pizza Hut is in my phone under "f00d"
  63. I have size 12.5 feet (UK size, that is - in the US it's 13ish)
  64. My shirt is #81 for Frisbee, because that's my year of birth
  65. I can type text messages faster than anybody I know, on account of sending approximately 20 per day, every day
  66. This survey has taken me over a week to complete properly, because I didn't want to write any cop-out answers. I may yet have failed
  67. I am capable of sending text messages in my sleep, and have done so to many people
  68. The time is now 3:26, which is odd, because by coincidence I was about to write that the numbers 2, 3 and 6 often occur more often than usual in my life. It's supernatural, and the fact that just as I think about that the time is 3:26 just goes to prove it.
  69. Falling asleep with light rain falling on your face is a great feeling, in my opinion
  70. I have a worse diet than anybody I know - I live off toast, chocolate, and cheese, more or less
  71. I have an inflatable wife. But it should be pointed out that it has no hole - it is merely for company
  72. My favourite comics are Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert, Diesel Sweeties, Sexy Losers, and Red Meat
  73. Contrary to popular opinion, I think Americana was one of The Offspring's best albums
  74. I have rather a lot of science/philosophy books, which are one of my favourite things to read
  75. Sometimes I'm evil, but it doesn't happen that much, promise
  76. I'm really predictable, regardless of what people think. I have a few canned phrases, and just use them ad infinitum
  77. I require a massive amount of sugar every day or I become depressed
  78. Sometimes I need over 12 hours of sleep, just randomly
  79. Occasionally I feel the need to cover Ataris songs
  80. I also sometimes feel the need to improve Ataris songs (especially when the song is crap)
  81. I'm currently teaching myself freestyle Frisbee for Rimini, not to enter the contest, but just so that I can look cool ;o)
  82. I've barely bought any albums or DVDs since getting Broadband, which is quite good really, since I couldn't afford it
  83. I'm not ready to join the real world yet
  84. I always get more drunk in games of I Have Never than most other people, due to my sheer insistence on trying everything in life at least twice
  85. I was bullied throughout most of my school years, but I think I've made a fairly good recovery, all things considered
  86. My favourite non-family adult in the world is my a-level chemistry teacher, Jon Ryder, because he demonstrated just how cool 'grown ups' can be, and was an excellent role model to me in my last few years of school. I keep meaning to write to him...
  87. I didn't drink any alcohol to speak of before I was 18 - for most of that period, I thought alcohol was a Very Bad Thing. I have since changed that attitude quite drastically ;o)
  88. I have no specific type when it comes to who I find attractive - there are no common themes or rules
  89. The first time I dyed my hair pink was during my a-levels. I was the only kid in the entire school who did anything quite so radical to their appearance, as I recall - the most extreme people got back then was having mullets.
  90. My trips to America always seem to broaden my musical taste. In 1999, I got into Sugar Ray and Goo Goo Dolls. In 2001, it got me into Tonic, The Ataris (properly), and various other rock-type stuff
  91. To see girls, I've travelled to: Ireland, Wales, Manchester, Pennsylvania. I have since resolved never to allow myself to do that again, on account of how financially-draining it all is.
  92. I often write letters that I never send, just to get things out. More often than not, they get put into my journal
  93. I invented my own religion, based on my experiences and interpretations of the real world, and I find that it serves me far better than any mass-produced set of ideas ever could
  94. I once tried to write a book, but I couldn't get myself motivated enough about my audience to care
  95. I've had my journal for two and a half years, and made over 4,000 entries, and received almost 16,000 comments
  96. I hate, above all things, a company called Campus Link, who brought about my financial ruin in the first year of university. As soon as I have any real power in the world, I am going to track them down and bring about a hideous revenge for all those parasitic cunts
  97. I write satire, but only when my head is in the right place to do so (it currently is not)
  98. I can never finish websites, because I lose interest in the whole thing very quickly, and ultimately I have no fixed content which I'd like to put up there and keep
  99. I get really painful rheumatism in my knees, mostly when they get cold and damp, which is at time rather crippling. Fortunately, it doesn't happen that much here, because I have the warmest room in the house
  100. Despite all indications to the contrary, I am happy

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101. Wow. You must of been really bored.
102. I must of been boredER to read through that : )

It took me about two weeks to write, actually... It's very difficult to try to find 100 mostly unrelated things to say... :o)

took me about 20 minutes, J-dogg.
You're getting old ;)

Yes, but many of your points were interconnected. Mine are all random, individual points. You stretched things out to multiple points - for example:

86. I can do a good elmo impression.
87. But it sounds a bit like the Bastardfish.
88. I am a complete whore.
89. But very faithful.
90. I keep promises.

That's two points, not five... I tried to avoid things like that with mine, and tried to avoid logical connections between points. That's why it took so bloody long :o)

Definitely not all unconnected:

9.I've been called Jamie for just 18 months, by half the people who know me
10.On that subject, when I go to write my name, it now takes a conscious effort to write James instead of Jamie, because I'm so accustomed to it

79.Occasionally I feel the need to cover Ataris songs
80.I also sometimes feel the need to improve Ataris songs (especially when the song is crap)

Yes, but that's a couple of points, rather than half the survey. Most people whose versions I've seen stretched out single items to multiple points, which I managed to avoid quite well. The second example was just because I didn't want to put two links in one point.

>>In my spare time, I'm a porn star


Really? Or you're winding us up?

Got a sample movie that we can watch? ;)

Not for you, no :oP

i don't have ten things about me worth writing about.

I loooove this survey. You don't have to read any stupid questions, you just... say stuff. I filled it out twice . .

I enjoyed yours.... = )

I hate, above all things, a company called Campus Link, who brought about my financial ruin in the first year of university. As soon as I have any real power in the world, I am going to track them down and bring about a hideous revenge for all those parasitic cunts

How did these 'parasitic cunts' financially ruin you?

Overcharging for phone bills (by introducing dubious hidden charges), debiting my account without invoicing me in advance, threatening to take me to court when I told them I wouldn't pay unless they sent me a bill for what I allegedly owed, double-charging me... It was a company whose sole purpose was to provide high-cost pay-monthly phone access to students, without providing any sort of customer support or having any sympathy with the students.

As I recall, our union finally managed to get our contract with them terminated, and the university replaced them with a pre-pay, lower cost service. By this point, however, it was too late - the old one had already debited over £1000 out of my account over the course of two terms, and had put me in unrecoverable (with my financial means at the time) debt.

Fucking bastards! Presumably all of this happened when you were in Halls? So, did you ever recover any of the £1000?

Yeah, I was in halls... All but a couple of hundred was correctly owed to them - they let me run up massive fees by being online, and then at the end of the month, debited my account for those amounts without warning (or invoice). Not being quite as good at managing money as I am now (and I still suck), it was easy for it to get out of control, which it then did.

The money they charged me twice, I could never really prove, because they hadn't sent me the right bills, and after being threatened with a court case if I didn't pay, I thought it better to just give them the money and assume they were right about it...

(Deleted comment)
The guitar I play, and will always play, is a Yamaha Pacifica. I prefer the set-up to every other guitar I've ever touched, and would sooner convert and customise the Hell out of it than replace it

i know the feeling. its just bc you always play the same guitar. like you become so used to the action, the set up etc.....that playing another guitar feels awkward. i have the action pretty high + i play 011 strings, so when i play other guitars i feel theres absolutely no resistance in them. i got my jaguar when i was 18....i'd played my strat for 5 years back then. the change was pretty awkward at first - then i had a break from playing and when i started again i was playing the jag and then the strat just felt wrong. though i'm toying with the idea of putting 011 strings on that one too. just to see how it plays then. oh well guitar talk eh?

See, that's why I switch between and Telecaster and a Les Paul, so I don't get too used to one set up.

good idea.....specially since they have different scale lenghts....tele is 25.5 inches and les paul is 24.75'll make you a better guitar player. if you are playing 009 strings try changing to 010 after a'll be harder but the sound is better and they are easier to keep in tune too.....

I can recite Pi to approximately 40 decimal places

that's fucking scary

It's easy.... :o)


if it's all right with you, i'm going to add you to my friends list. you're an interesting person and sort of remind me of what i'll probably be like in a few years...

Why the heck were u bullied?!!

Various reasons - mostly the cliched fact that I was smarter than them

you're fucking awesome
just in case you don't hear than enough

Really? Any particular reason?

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