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Ha! I had a dream where I was just standing by a car, casually, and this prostitute came up to me and thought I was also a prostitute (a straight one, before anybody comments). That was random.. Then my alarm went off :o)

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waaah, you don't update enough since you've been rachel-less :P your journal is my daily addiction, dagnammit!

ellie xx

Hmm, okay, well I'll write something longer shortly...

yay :) sorry... i just do really like your writing... and coming on here to see if you've updated is sooo much more interesting than revising for my exams... :P

ellie xx

O_o You didn't find Jamie's journal through someone called Anna, by any chance, did you?

um, if you're talking to me (?) then nope, i don't know an anna. i just surfed onto this journal through clicking links on people's friends pages. sorry if the anonymous tag looks subversive, i just don't have an lj account.

ellie xx

oh, okay. it's just that my sister knows jamie's journal, and she has a friend called ellie who'd probably appreciate it, and your writing seemed vaugely similar. livejournal has a habit of making the world seem very, very small...

it's a nice novelty to find someone online without an lj account, btw :)

oh, i see, no worries :) i know what you mean actually, this thing does have the tendency to condense the world into a couple of clicks. i'm kind of bored with the novelty of not having an lj account though, i've got so into everyone else's that i've been looking for an access code to join in, but no luck yet :P

ellie xx

Mail me ( and I'll give you a code - I have rather a lot spare

that'd be brilliant, thanks a lot. my e-mail is and i've sent you a message. thanks again, i owe you one.

ellie xx

ahh, i'd help out if i could, but i gave my last one away to someone who never uses their acconut now. grrr. sorry, hope you find one soon. or you could just pay for one, i suppose. i've been meaning to for a quite a while now. just waiting until the next bunch of Permanent Accounts come up. :) just wish you were that sexxor! ;D

my dreams are either boring or pretty weird. like... random weird weird. *shivers*

well, the other night i had a sex with relatives dream. no it wasn't my sister. worse.

*scrubs self with brillo*

Uh.... I.. see...

*slowly backs away*

i'm blaming it on the freakishly hard mattress. it's like public school again.
and now we must never speak of this.

eeee. disturbing. i don't think i've even had any dreams with sex in them. that's even weirder, maybe.

yeah ya no willied freak. lets all shun shanu.
hehehe. shun shanu. hehehehehehehehehehehehe.

'kay, i'll just stand in the corner here with my NON PENIS powers.

woookAAA! go non-penis! go fly and blunt folk in the eye!


i need dreams like yours ;)

Dreams where you're a whore?!

lol no not as such
but it would be more fun than seeing accounts and vat and exams in my sleep!

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