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Looks like about four people have dropped out of the tournament this weekend - right now, there's only eight of us going. This is, to my mind, ideal for getting lots of pitch time, and it looks set to be a great competition, so I've resolved to get my leg better no matter what it takes. We get to go swimming when we're not playing, and it's just generally really cool :o)

Anyhow, it's not too swollen, and hurts a bit less now... Hmm, listening to Foo Fighters - I feel dirty :o\ It's just that for whatever reason this song reminds me of Rachel - I think I must've heard it with her somewhere or something... I don't intend to make a habit of this...

Anyway, time to go shopping and stuff

By the way, join this, it's fun....

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I saw one of your web sites...

Nice, just thought I'd say hello...

At least it's just your leg. ;o)

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