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Here I go...
Wish me luck, kids.... I'm gonna ask, and see....

Update: First thing she said when I said hello was "oh" - not so good...

Update: She's being kinda monosyllabic... Never good...

Update: Not being talkative at all.... Bugger.... Hope all is good, and that it's nothing to do with me....

Update: Right, I've asked.... Hope she says yes...

Update: Hmm.... Well, it's not an immediate yes, but not an immediate no either...

Update: OK, now it's a no. Bugger. Keep trying though...

Update: Bollocks. Now no chance. Ho hum....

Update: I am Jack's Broken Heart

FACT: Bad as I feel right now, I'm still glad I tried. Because if I hadn't, I'd have always wondered, and hated myself for it. So there :oP

Update: I ache. Bah, I say.

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Why was it a "No"?


School work.... It's her GCSE year (look, nobody point out the age gap, OK? I know already), and she needs to concentrate, since she's going to go to Oxford or Cambridge, and as such pretty much needs straight A*s at GCSEs...

Only 3 years, isn't it? That's nuffin. When you're a couple of years older than you are now, that won't even BE an age gap from anyone else's perspective.

So there. ;-)

I am Deb's Inner Wise Old Fart

Bah, it's one night though

But ... time has since passed and I have forgotten what I was going to say :-/

Yes, but she doesn't want the emotional hassle of the whole thing. Last time, we were both somewhat upset for quite a while afterwards, due to the impractical nature of the relationship, and I can see her point... I don't necessarily agree, but I can understand it at least...

Ahh, fair enough

I was just being nosey to be honest

(Deleted comment)
What were you going to do? Steal her roids?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
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