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I am happy for three reasons. The first is that Rachel landed okay in Thailand, and sent me a text and stuff. Which is good :o)

The second reason is that my money situation is actually £1000 better than I thought it was, due to my misreading my balance on Monday, but it's all sorted now, and my rent has been paid, and everything is good in the world :o)

And the third and final reason is that I just got my first Jehovah's Witnesses. For years I've wanted them to call by and talk to me, and the bastards never came. Well, they finally paid me a visit. Their opening gambit was a foolish one - they started talking about world events, and said that they are largely foretold in the Bible. I countered with the fact that most world events right now are as a result of the bible in some way, and that it's no surprise. Citing examples of the US's tirade against Iraq, and the Israel/Palestine situation, I pointed out that the Bible is in some way responsible for much of the problems in the world, and the fact that is foretold them is just a demonstration that the entire thing is a self-fulfilling prophecy for Christianity.

They weren't entirely impressed by my reasoning. They then started explaining that Christendom does not follow the Bible appropriately, and I agreed. I then said that this wasn't an altogether bad thing - that religion is something that people should arrive at on their own, and that as such, you can't expect people to follow a third-party source of religious guidance. They should make their own minds up. I did, however, agree that the Bible is a reasonable moral compass - after all, much of the morality that I've grown up with has ultimately come from the fact that this country is steeped in Christian history, and that our society is largely built on the principles of the Christian faith. However, I said that this was as close to the Bible as I was willing to get, and that I had my own spiritual beliefs which I found adequate.

At this point I think they gave up all hope of trying to actually convert me through argument, so instead they changed the subject, tried to engage me in conversation about things I was interested in ("we're you're friends, we take an interest, you worship with us now, yes?")... Then they left, but not before giving me some leaflets. I wasn't going to take them, but one of them has a front cover asking "Is your privacy IN DANGER?". Now, for starters, I wanted to find out what their stance on privacy actually is, and how it actually relates to their rather literal interpretations of the Bible, but also, I wanted to see exactly what a gang of serial privacy invaders has to say on the subject of people knocking on doors, trying to invade peoples' minds.

But bless them, it was all interesting, and it's nice to actually talk to people about religion without having to worry about whether I'm offending them, or going on too much :o)

Today has been quite good so far :o)

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this amused me greatly ^_^ b!

A fourth thing to be happy about; you were in TWO of my dreams last night!

I got accosted by a monk the other day when I was shopping, he was reeeeallly fit. So I let him tell me about buddha and stuff :D

What is it about girls called Alice dreaming about me? ;o)

What happened in the dreams then?

The sea was in the dream I think... gah i can't remember too much of it. :\ I'm sure it was very HOT though, heh.

Ooh, girls having HOT dreams about me... How unusual :o)

yeahyeah bet it happens allll the time! ;)

Well if it does, they don't tell me about it :o)

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I've waited 21 years for this, I deserved it :o)

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Only if you're sufficiently Godless ;o)

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Heh... Jimbo told me I should've just used the fact that my hair is in two red horns to convince them that I'm a satanist. But that's boring. It's far more fun to actually reason things out genuinely :o)

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