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I wrote something earlier, and then I went and screwed my computer, so I lost it. But that's not important, it was only a survey about music, for which my answers turned out to be predictably boring.

It's snowing outside. I live in the sunniest city in the country, on the coast, it never snows here. Snow falls out of the sky perhaps once a year, and I've yet to see it stick around for more than a few minutes before the whole lot melts. But it hasn't melted yet, so I went upstairs and took photos of the rooftops across the valley. That kinda makes it permanent enough for me...

I've got a whole load of demo songs I need to re-record at least semi-properly. A couple of old-school Oasis tracks off Morning Glory, a couple of acoustic No Use songs (Let It Slide, and my version of Room 19), and I also need to re-record my "assisting" in turning a mediocre Ataris song (Takeoffs and Landings) into an actually fun song, with a cohesive rhythm throughout and a nice melodic lead which improves the overall song (Ed, check it out at about 2:56 in the version I sent you - that bit is how I want it to sound, kinda faded into the background)... Bet I won't bother though...

Arg! Term starts soon... It looks like my timetable will look like this:

Topics in Evolutionary Biology
Monday 17:00
Tuesday 14:00
Tuesday 17:00
Thursday 12:30

Coding Theory
Thursday 11:30
Friday 10:15
Friday 14:00

Decision Theory
Monday 10:15
Wednesday 10:15
Thursday 10:15

Numerical Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations
Tuesday 12:30
Thursday 12:30
Friday 11:30

Of those, I only have to do three... If it stays like that, my timetable will look like this (done only so I can see it really):

10:15 - Decisions
14:00 - Frisbee(?)
17:00 - Biology

12:30 - ODE
14:00 - Biology / Frisbee(?)
17:00 - Biology

10:15 - Decisions
14:00 - Frisbee

10:15 - Decisions
11:30 - Coding
12:30 - Biology / ODE

10:15 - Coding
11:30 - ODE
14:00 - Coding / Frisbee

And yes, I can see the clash there. I'd have to sort something out. I knew my timetable was going to stink this term really - it's not a shock or anything. I'd just rather pick subjects that fit around frisbee practice sessions - that's the thing that keeps me going onto campus, so it'd be useful if I still had the time to do it properly (especially now my twat beard has grown to over an inch long ;o)...

Anyhow, I'm off to bed, finally... I know it's late... But I have a plan with regard to my sleeping pattern - it's probably a stupid plan, but at least I know what I'm doing... :o)

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I start on Monday as well... How'ere, your schedule looks a lot more vicious than mine. Maybe they breed y'all different in the UK?

I think I'd rather not like that schedule. Enjoy :-)

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