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Long Post
Well, I appear to have forgotten to say anything for a while - my bad.... So, let's go through the events of the day...

This Morning - Reality
Had a Further Programming lecture. Not only attended, but got the details of the website on the subject - am now in possession of the entire thing, courtesy of a nice downloadable zip file. Now I can learn all the stuff I've missed from home, and have copies of all the exercises. Hooray, now I can do applets, just like I always wanted to. This will come in very handy with my new website...

My New Website
I'm not giving out details of this yet. Some people know about it, others do not. When it goes live, you'll all know, but until then, it's a secret, except to those I already told. Clear? No? Tough... Right now it's written in *spit* ASP, but that's because I'm not so bad with ASP, and it allows me to do stuff I want to do, while I learn PHP4 or BML in my spare time (I have BML installed on an Apache server on my machine right now). Once I've learned one of those two sufficiently, I'll swap the site over. It shouldn't be too hard - the way I'm doing this is pretty simple, and the changeover can be pretty much instant. More details later...

Leaving Usenet
Not forever, and not entirely, but I've taken the first step. I've said my goodbyes, reverted to posting as "James Webley" rather than "The Unknown James", and stuff.... All that happens now is that I wait for all threads I'm participating in to come to an end, which is happening quickly. I shall still be about, of course, but as an onlooker, rather than a participant. After all, I have to keep the FAQ updated :o)

This Afternoon - Reality
Something that really bugs me is people who talk shit. Take, for example, the people on my course. Both Alan and Cat have said things akin to "I've never seen you in Maths" to me, because I don't go to lectures. The fact that I've been out drinking with both of them at various times, arranged during maths lectures, is apparently neither here nor there. The fact that I've sat next to both of them during lectures and had big long chats doesn't count either, apparently. Oh well... After my workshop this afternoon (which I understood barely a fraction of), I had a long chat with Alan, which was nice... Mostly bloke stuff, which makes a change :o)

This Evening - Reality
Spent most of this evening either eating, or watching Friends - saw The One Where Ross Finds Out and The One With The Prom Video, which are two of my favourite episodes, simply because they deal with the Ross and Rachel thing at a time when we still gave a damn. Everybody is so caught up in Monica and Chandler now that they forget how special it was when Ross and Rachel first got together. Hmph...

This Evening - Virtually
Well, was online downloading things this evening, so that I can do more stuff offline in future. Got Apache, Perl and BML downloaded, which makes a good start. I now have the facilities to play with both BML and ASP, which means I can easily learn both better. In short, my web design ought to be coming along better. Certainly, my new site is looking very snazzy (in my opinion), and is using some rather neat techniques. Which is good.

The Future
Well, going to bed in a second, probably watching a movie tonight rather than listening to music - ought to be good. I'm thinking Shawshank Redemption or Analyze This, but I dunno which yet. In the morning, I have a 10:15 Stats workshop (with an incredibly hot fourth(?) year student helping us out), followed by an 11:30 Stats lecture, and then a 2pm Further AI lecture. I shall certainly attend the first two, and most likely the AI lecture, but you never can tell with me..... I feel it's best to say that I'll certainly go to two things, and perhaps a third, rather than saying that I'll almost certainly get to all three. No point in kidding myself... :o)

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There should be a tag. ;-)

As a (self proclaimed) genius statistician and probability expert, such things don't bother me.

But yes, we need dripping blood text :o)

Flaming hell, I wish I'd known you a couple of years ago when I took Stats. %-) It was revolting - a 2-year course packed into 4.5 months. *whimper* And I won't pretend that my Maths skills aren't rather rusty. %-)

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