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ATTN: all
My userpics are officially more pretentious than yours.

Yay :o)

I was down on the beach last night at midnight. The sea, the people, the fireworks, the kissing.. It was all good. But now... Now I'm kinda hungry...

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heheh, funny. you took them yourself?!

Yeah... Just now...

nah, mine are still more pretentious.

jaaamie... seeing as your girlfriend has disabled anonymous posting and i don't have an lj account.... can you ask her to post what she's decided/is thinking about oxford & uni? x

hey, uh, i am said girlfriend, who're you?

anyway, i haven't decided 100% to go to oxford, but i'm pretty much there. i got accepted into oriel college... which is kinda small... but... hmm...

also, i haven't heard from any other uni's as to their decision except exeter, who offered me a place too. hmm hmm.

Oriel? Sounds like a detergent...

Really? I was thinking of Oreo cookies...

no way, the most pretentious ones are the washed-out gray ones with the fake static and lines photoshopped over them. i reeeeeally want one of those.

haha. how 'bout sepia with fake static and lines ...


(i am so painfully ignorant at times.)


Umm ... sepia tones. It's like greyscale ... but browns...

oooh. sounds funky. :D

heheh. jamie deleted my comment and then banned me from further comment madness!

ph33r my insane insulting jamie's ego skillz.

love, calum

You wish. I merely deleted your comments because you're not very funny. Try harder.

I think they make you look like a girl with a short hair-cut :P

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