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Don't ask me how I found this, but....

I need that. It's a shame Christmas has already passed, because that would be top of my list.

When I'm out walking the streets, what I really need is a 15" penis sword to slap people with. Townies? No problem - slaberdash the bastards with my enormous cock cutlass.

And for those who really irritate me - full anal insertion with my rapier! (no pun intended)

That'll show those fuckers!

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(Deleted comment)
Hey, I don't have one... I just wish I did, that's all - it'd be cool :o)

Oh well, I still have another 360ish days to get you to change your mind back again ;o)

I have one.

I have a few, actually.

Not the Manhandler, per se. But, my double ended 12 inch jelly dong measures up, I think.

Wanna borrow it? ;o)

Only if you don't mind me walking the streets with it, clubbing people, and screaming at them to "respect my fuckin' authoritah!" ;o)

I don't mind, as long as you video tape it and give me a copy.

Come to think of it... Video tape whatever else you do with it, too. :oD


I dunno... I have a fairly active imagination.... :o)

Although not in the way that several people would hope.

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