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Now that was gross...

I bought a smoothie type thing from the shop... It looked to have separated a bit, but since it's yogurt, that didn't surprise me too much. So I shook it. BIG mistake. The internal pressure blew the lid off, and spewed out a shit-load of funny smelling gunk. Thank God I was outside when it happened. The only explanation I can think of is that it had gone kinda bad, and bacteria had been pumping the stuff full of CO2 until it turned into a carbonated drink of sorts. Or something. That's the only thing I can think of to explain the Vesuvius-like proportions of the explosion that occurred when I shook it...

So instead, I drank a few cans of Red Bull...

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A FEW CANS of Red Bull???

I saw the bartender make some kind of a crazy mixed drink out of that shit at the bar I went to last night. It was half Red Bull and half some kind of liquor. Then she charged $9.00 for it!

where's a digital camera when you need one? mehe

We get that at work with the Smoothies. The fruit after a set amount of time release gases. Causing them to build up. Smoothies with a buldging lid. Avoid. We've got marks on the ceilings above the cabinets where the smoothies have literally exploded.

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Re: Now that was gross...

Heh, my eyes were playing tricks on me, I read that as "Did you get your monkey back for the smoothie?"

0_o ewie... that reminds me of the time I chugged over-due milk.. *shudders*

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