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Those of you who I haven't told (and I want to make this clear to you - don't spoil the results for the others), I have a quiz for you.

What religion to I practice?

There's no need to be overly specific - if you're in the right area, you'll get points. Just respond to this post saying what you think :o)

If you actually know the answer (i.e. if I've told you) don't answer. I just want to see what peoples' impressions of me are :o)

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You practice a religion? ;-)

Lemme guess - Zen Druid? :-D

Buddism? R U A wiccan?;-)

Questioningly yours ,

I cant help but wonder if this has a direct relation to my earlier comment on one of your entries....

If it does, I make no pre-suppositions, however, living in England you are seeped in a predominantly Christian culture....

As to your religion... Pass

It does indeed relate to that :o)

As for being "seeped in a predominantly Christian culture", I would disagree but... well... Firstly, what are the characteristics of such a culture? And I'm not talking about those things which would normally define simply a Western culture, unless we're saying that Western Culture equates to Christian culture. But then again, my views on what love is bear no relation to Western Culture, so there must be boundaries and stuff.

Um, starting again, not messing up my words:

What aspects of British culture would you say are down to Christianity? What things might I be seeped in which are Christian?

Hmm... As I dont know what religion you follow I cant accuratly point out specific things that you cannot immidiatly relate to your own religion...

However, the major influence of religion in general up on our veiws of "love" is marrage.
You can marry only one person, and as marrage is supposed to be a legal and symbolic declairation of undieing love we are lead to believe that we can love only one person, as you can marry only one...
So, as all major religions in this country only allow you to marry one person, unless you come from a minority religious group or you are an aethist(sp?) you have been influenced to believe, by religion (And as England is predominantly christian, it is this that is the greatest religious influence on our lives) that "love" must be confined to only one person. To break this (custom) law is one of the most frown upon crimes and so your scence of right and wrong is telling you that "love" is for one person only too...
Without knowing your religion I cannot really continue, but I believe I have put my point across...

My experience of "true love" thus far led me to believe that it's a very special thing that posesses you to the point where the single person you want to be with is the one you're in love with. This isn't something I necessarily believed until I was in love, so it's not in-built. After that, I decided that love was all about one person only loving another. I still believe that of "true love", but then again, I love Jo as a friend, I love Vicky as a friend, and am attracted to both - as such, I guess that could contradict the above. It's confusing, and I don't feel like going into it in a public post.

Anyway, as a student, it is my duty to believe that one can love as many people as one wishes, at the same time if circumstances permit :o)


I like your idea of duty! Can I sign up for it?

If you have an NUS card, you're already there :o)

If not, why not? :o)

*Syrius has finally found a use for the silly thing*

Access to "student duty"!!

Oh wait.. Thats just as meaningless as the rest of the things it does...

/me wonders how "money off if you have an NUS card" is a silly thing...

Money off what? Pizza? no. Books? no.

So what then?

"Books? No."

Actually you do get money off books from some stores. I don't know if any in Hull do this but at Methvens in Canterbury you get 10% off if you've got an NUS card.

I have also seen Kat brandishing it at numerous clothes shops in town and getting in the region of 10 off...

i know the answer!!!! i do i do!

Yeesh Tiff, that was one of the first things we ever spoke about, how do you remember that? :o)

Mind you, I guess I remember, so... You were talking about how you were thinking about that religion too. Did anything come of that? :o)

hehe..i remember the oddest things at time..ive been known to almost forget my own birthday, but yet....i usually remember things that the average person wouldnt..anywho..hehe..
actually nothing came of it...i dabbled with books here and there...and i dont know..not that i actually "lost interest" or anything, i just got side tracked sorta..hehe..someday im sure ill settle on something..hehe..woohoo.
ya know what sucks? working....and knowing that you only have ONE single hour left to work..but..that ONE single hour is lasting as long as it possibly farking can...this last fifteen minutes has seemed like 20 hours...and i cant stop yawning! argh!

What also sucks is knowing you have lectures in 4 hours, and knowing that you'll probably not go offline for another 3.... No sleep for me - busy Adjectivizing :o)

i am currently making my plans to take over the world....
ya know what sucks even more?? working for AOL..hehe...

No, working for AOL sucks the most ;o)

okay..this is very true. but hey...they pay my bills...well..half of them anyways...hehe...i blame the credit cards...its all the plastic in my life! its bad! make it go away! ahhhhhh!!! help!

God, don't I know it... I don't want to even talk about credit cards :o(

i have such evil bills to start paying on after my little vaction thingy w/melissa in feb...its depressing...i keep playing the lottery! but i keep losing..that whole thing about..*you cant win if you dont play*..well thats a crock of cant win if you play!

I just have bills from living. I'm not even having fun to have to pay for :o(

As for the Lottery - if you don't play, you can't lose :o)

i have no idea, but i want to know :)

I got your journal on a random thing - check out mine - i think you're interesting and funny, which you know, for a guy, is rather hard to come by:)

Why thank you, it's always nice to meet charming young ladies :o)


Flirt...!also I know but I can't remember...hows that for a 'good friend'?

Re: STOPPIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somewhat troubling, since I had explained it to you a number of times in the past few years, whereas you'd not mentioned the fact you were a Christian since about year 8, yet I still remember it. Oh well :o)

I know, although you haven't told me directly... :)

Have you taken the answer out of your ICQ user profile then? 'cos it used to be there...

No. The point is, I was just asking if anybody knew off the top of their heads, and requested those who KNOW not to answer. So what's the point of checking my ICQ info?

So what's the answer, damn it?????

(re: religion)

ARGH! %-)

impressions of unknownj.....

Ho hum.....

...amusing anecdote about alcohol.....curse and get very uptight about certain people.....mention lack of food over past few days.....mention lack of sleep....."Oh God, the phone bill!!".....wonder about lack of nice to people....."Damn, overslept!".....get on high horse.....make odd spelling mistake on purpose just to show I'm not perfect (altho' I am).....gently chide a few nice again to various LJ users....."I'm never going to down a quadruple brandy in one go again!".....

Re: impressions of unknownj.....

Bitch :o)

Re: impressions of unknownj.....

Oooh get you, ducky!

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