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In my default view, there are 64 people. That means there's 64 journals which appear on my friends page, though I won't say who from my friends list makes it onto there and who doesn't...

Of those 64, there are only 16 who I have not met, or had phone conversations with. It's weird... These days, I tend not to talk to people unless I've met them, or intend to meet them in the near future. The exceptions are a few Americans who I'd meet if I could, and a few Brits who I really should get around to seeing sometime.

It just strikes me as odd that I don't talk to complete strangers that much any more... I seem to have become rather settled here... :o)

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go, go forth and meet!

You could always just come here.... We have Shanu in Brighton too :o)

I know ! I know. Go sleep.

would you consider me one of the americans you woudl meet if you could?? haha, probably not. you probably have a totally backwards view of who I am.

God no, I don't even read your journal. Ever.

then you wouldnt know ne thing now would you?

dont judge before you know

In my default view of the world, there are 64 people. That means i can only see 64 people at the same time. which is interesting when going to football games etc.....blah blah blah

eh i was in london. i ment to go see you in brighton but i got very caught up messing around. and then i read your journal and you were going to edinburgh or something and decided to go to rome instead of brighton which probably was the healthy choice anyways. but i'll be around britain at some point again.......

Ah, yeah, Edinburgh.. That was good :o)

But yes, I expect you to come back sometime in the near future. Or else... :o)

Would I be one to meet? :/ I am not going to be an American much my habitat anyway

Yup. Well you're one of the 64 people on my friends page (out of the 128 on my friends list), so sure :o)

I used to talk to random people for the fun of it. Then I started getting im'd by random people, and it was annoying, so I stopped.

Yeah, I'm full of fun-joy-goodness tonight.

i know i'm not interesting and i know i'm not on your friends page but your on mine and you seem to lead a very interesting life. so therefore i will read on

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