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Still here
I have to say it's weird, having changed my LiveJournal style. Sure, I still like Fight Club, but it was perhaps too much to have every topic defaulting to start with "I am Jack's %%subject%%". I find it hard to get used to being able to say my own topics entirely now - I can't help but think that the need for my topic to conform to the above system (at least on my own journal if not on the friends pages of others) helped give them direction. Oh well...

Anyway, I'm still up. Talking to Dave on ICQ, Deb through LJ comments (although she's left me now), and Brad via e-mail. In a fit of generosity, I've bought David his paid account and got Brad a couple of DVDs. The former gives LJ money, the latter gives Brad something do play with when he gets bored of LJ. And yet I still don't feel I've adequately communicated how much I like LJ. Perhaps I should volunteer for something - I don't necessarily have any specific technical knowledge, but I have ideas (well, I think so) and a great love for LiveJournal. I shall have to pay more attention to lj_biz and lj_dev to see where I can help. Perhaps take a look at the support area too (although I'm generally too late to help)...

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are a noodle, but a good one.Glad you have a least one easy love of your life ie. this journal. oh by the way vix is very pretty and as long as she is a nice person and kind to you I can deal with her, infact thats about as nice as I am ever going to be about any girl you like, ok? nice to speak to you the other day, take care, Bex.

Re: You my friend...

"That's about as nice as I am ever going to be about any girl you like"

Well I'd noticed that you're rarely especially approving... And after all the effort I went to not to keep remindind you that Mark was a pathetic annoying stupid wanker... Yeesh...

Re: You my friend...

You hated Mark...I just dislike these girls cos they have hurt you. Anyway feeling unloved so please don't mention mark...sniff. Nope i am fine, but no one to hug a uni...c u soon, Bex xxx

Re: You my friend...

Well come see me ASAP then - I am full of hugs, with nobody to hug myself ('cept Vicky :o)

PS I didn't hate Mark. I just thought he was a cunt. There's a difference

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