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Tournament Report, Day 0
Well, we went to the pub this evening, and were joined by a load of old mohawks... All good...

Anyhow, then the Aye Aye B team came over to our house... They're all sleeping downstairs, there's about ten of them, and they've managed to fit in - quite shocking :o)

But they seem to like our house, which is all good. And they're fantastic people, great spirit. And I've started learning their chants, too - when they got to our house, they did one, and I joined in - well, it amused me. I've given them bread, butter, and bacon.

So yeah, waking them up at 7:45am tomorrow, we have to be at uni for 8:45am, which should be an interesting challenge... Have to pick up Penny's lot before we get to campus too... Argh!

But yeah, having fun so far :o)


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